Lil Wine has breakout what has been hurting him inside his Heart, This is a thing bothering Lil Wine,.. The two componets that is Artist,Producers,Management,Promoters,and Audiences or Listeners


So Artist What bothering Lil Wine about other Artist is Weakness and im talking about Artist strugling to archieve their Dreams and things i hate about dreams is that people walk with dreams without Actions, back to Artist Weak Artist spend Much Money paying producers to Record their songs i know paying is not bad but Weakness to stand and Record without  paying that Much,I Hate Weakness


So producers what are bothering lil Wine about some producers behave bad To Artist by Ignoring, Not working with Them unless they pay them, in general bad behave.


So Promoters What are bothering Lil Wine is that they own Website Popular on Social Medias Youtube...and they hardly charge Artist high amount of Money just to upload their music into their Sites


So Listeners What bothering Lil Wine about Listeners is that they preteng to be judges on Artist Works judging their Work quality and Artist quality

 "I hate all that and to Artist Please stand up for Yourself...hey you donot need that guy help help yourself and conciderable people will notice you and sapport' lil Wine